Total Enterprise Solutions


Infinity excels at blending all three of the critical Enterprise areas: Business Processes, Applications and Information Technology. From focused Business Process Reviews to on-going daily IT support, our solutions are more effective because we work with the entire Enterprise in mind.

By offering any combination of the three critical Enterprise areas, our clients benefit from a single point of contact, a "one-stop-shop" of business support. Our goal is to become the one resource our customers turn to first for all of their business challenges.

Technology Roadmaps

Some companies approach technology as a necessary evil. Purchases are often delayed until business processes are severely hampered and then only the immediate need is addressed. Technology Roadmaps create a plan that meets your company's short and long term business objectives with specific technology solutions. By planning future purchases, IT budgets are easier to manage and you avoid investing in the wrong technology for you company.

Clients who engage Infinity for Technology Roadmaps often have excellent IT personnel for their daily support. The Technology Roadmap provides executive level planning with unnecessary executive overhead. Because of our experience applying technology in a wide variety of environments, we are able to recommend effective solutions for today and tomorrow.

Custom Applications

While Infinity certainly doesn't promote the theory of letting IT drive your business, we do work with customers to integrate as much of their business processes into a consolidated system. When a critical business process simply won't fit into a current system, a well designed custom application is an excellent alternative to a manual or disconnected spreadsheet or database. By leverage existing data, data entry and errors are reduced. Connecting to the larger ERP system increases communication, efficiency and effectiveness.

From web applications that provide secure remote access to "bolt on" applications add functionality like credit card processing or quality control, Infinity can develop the custom application to fit your specific need. Our programmers are skilled with a diverse set of programming tools and our business consultants are able to understand the business objectives for the application.

System Implementation

System implementations, especially for ERP systems, are so much more than simply installing software from a CD. A critical milestone in a system implementation is certainly the "Go Live" date, but a successful implementation results from an understanding of the application, user involvement and training, data migration processes, pilot run testing, contingency plans and post implementation support. While the system is in a development environment, project issues have little or no impact to the day-to-day business operations. Moving to a live environment means that nay miscues will almost certainly have direct operational and/or financial impact on the company.

Infinity's experience with system implementations ranges from focused custom web applications to entire ERP systems. Our implementations are successful because we focus on the application and the supporting technology as a whole. Through careful planning and execution, Infinity helps our customers achieve their expected ROI sooner while minimizing the risk a system implementation might have on their organization.