ERP Solutions :: Fourth Shift


Fourth Shift is an enterprise software solution for mid-sized manufacturers. Fourth Shift is designed to improve the quality, efficiency and speed of our customers' supply chains, global manufacturing and marketing operations, and strategic and tactical business decisions. Fourth Shift's extended ERP suite facilitates critical business functions, including manufacturing, operations, financials, workflow, e-business, human resources, and customer and supplier relationship management.

Fourth Shift enables companies to streamline business processes and gain real-time visibility into key data, thereby empowering employees to take quick, appropriate action. Production is improved through quality analysis, performance checks and role-based planning. As a result, products move faster to market, increasing responsiveness and maximizing profitability.

Fourth Shift Upgrades

Considering an upgrade to Fourth Shift 7.5 or adding new functionality to your installation? Infinity's business and technical consultants can work with your company to make this a successful transition.

Fourth Shift Training

Infinity can help expedite your Fourth Shift upgrades through remote or on-site training options that fit your schedule. We can also host training your training event at our offices, allowing your employees to completely focus on the course. Infinity's trainers will be glad to work with your team to customize the material covered, providing your users with specific instructions on how your company will use Fourth Shift.

Fourth Shift Consulting

Realizing a Return On Investment for ERP systems and upgrades is largely determined by two factors: the precision and the pace of the changes. While training deals with the users, consulting works with the project team. Infinity's senior consultants have the Fourth Shift knowledge and the industry experience to make sure the project stays within the scope and on time. There isn't one perfect way to implement a new system but there are definitely things that will impact the precision and pace of your implementation, and your project's ROI.


It's easy to underestimate the power of good workflows and the impact they have on a business. VisiBar is our most popular extended application for this reason. It's an intelligent barcoding and workflow tool enabling data collection, workflow flexibility and serial-device control to create business-specific solutions. Infinity's Visibar consultants can put this powerful tool to work in your environment.


VisiWatch performs everyday monitoring tasks so companies don't have to, alerting the appropriate people when exceptions occur. Each company sets the rules and the actions, then VisiWatch delivers the right information at the right time as defined. VisiWatch can monitor tasks and be personalized to specific business needs for users working in finance, manufacturing, IT, sales and marketing. Let Infinity implement VisiWatch so your company is able to manage by exception and focus on value-add activities.


Fourth Shift offers EDI functionality to automate the transactions between you and your customer. Infinity is experienced creating the data maps for the various transactions to make EDI a seamless part of your Fourth Shift system.

Process Design

One of Infinity's key strengths is our ability to apply our knowledge of Fourth Shift to specific customer environments. We can not only answer "What does Fourth Shift do?" but also "What does Fourth Shift do for me?" Infinity's approach to process design takes a holistic look where our clients are and where they want to go. We promote "Best of Class" concepts, but we develop "Best Fit" processes that support our customer's individual business objectives.


As companies grow and evolve, it is very easy for dissimilar systems and databases to become a normal part of business. Through system implementation, process design, custom programming and change management, Infinity integrates all of your business groups, enabling true corporate synergy.

FSTI Integration

SoftBrands developed Fourth Shift Transactional Interface (FSTI) as a SOA tool for integrating most applications with Fourth Shift in real time. Infinity is very familiar with the technologies used to integrate dissimilar systems. We have been working with FSTI since its inception. In addition to customer specific solutions, some of our Companion Products utilize FSTI. With FSTI, customers can truly customize Fourth Shift and integrate external applications.

Report Writing

From Crystal Reports and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to the Business Intelligence and Sales Assist modules, there are a variety of communication tools available for Fourth Shift. These tools are easy to use, but sometimes companies have very complicated information needs. At other times, there are simply too many reporting needs and too little time to create them. Whether the constraint is capability or capacity, Infinity has the resources to develop the reporting tools your company needs.

Web Applications

Some companies have business processes that are so specific that they are not covered by any ERP system. If your company's unique needs cannot be managed within Fourth Shift's modules, Infinity's development team can create a web application that keeps your users, your customers and suppliers as connect as you need them to be.