ERP Solutions


Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, solutions are software packages that allow companies to manage all of the basic functions of their organization. Evolving from MRP software used by manufacturers in the 1970's, ERP solutions support the business needs of a variety of organizations, including manufacturers, distributors, service providers, non-profit organizations and governments.

ERP systems integrate the activites of different departments, improving communication and planning, eliminating redundant data entry and creating a synergy between the various groups. Typical ERP systems include Sales, CRM, Customer Service, Finance, Supply Chain Management, Production, Scheduling, Inventory Control, Human Resources, Project Management and Business Metrics. Most ERP have a modular design, allowing organizations to purchase and implement the pieces they need.

Business Process Review

A map can be helpful only if you know where you are. A Business Process Review (BPR) is a great first step to realizing effective change within your organization. Through this process, Infinity helps companies understand how they really operate today, what are their roadblocks to improving profitability and where the company wants to be 1, 5 and even 10 years down the road.

Infinity offers a professional, unbiased assessment of selected business areas. We help our clients identify opportunities for improvement and assess the impact of major business changes, such as new business systems, mergers and shifting customer demands. The BPR's are tailored to your company's needs. Infinity can provide a comprehensive look at the processes from the shop floor to the administrative office see what is needed in a new ERP system, if one is needed at all. We can also take a focused look at a specific business are, such as inventory control and the impact bar coding could have.

ERP Selection

Implementing a new ERP system is a significant event for any company. Fortunately, when the correct system is selected and implemented properly, it is an event that occurs once every five to ten years for most. Unfortunately, this creates a situation where companies may really struggle because no one involved with the process has done it before.

Infinity can provide senior consultants that have experienced the selection process from both sides of the table. We can guide your team through the process, helping you define your critical needs while balancing the "Change for Change Sake" and "We've never done it that way" factions. We are very open about our software partnerships, but we are biased towards meeting each customer's specific needs, not a specific solution.