Business Processes


As companies grow and evolve, they are constantly facing new challenges. Often, these are handed off to internal team members, on top of their normal day-to-day responsibilities. Sometimes, a challenge is so urgent there isn't time to wait for an overtaxed internal expert to become available. Perhaps the challenge is so unique, it doesn't justify the cost or time to acquire a new specialist.

Infinity Business Consulting provides resources so our clients can focus on their core competencies. We do this through dozens of senior level business consultants available to supplement our customers' internal teams. These professionals, each with 10+ years of experience, are from diverse backgrounds, including supply chain management, manufacturing, IT, product development, engineering and quality. Clients of all sizes turn to Infinity for workflow optimization, material flow analysis and other process improvements. Our senior consultants understand how businesses work and the impact people, capital, information and equipment resources have to overall success.

Business Process Review

A map can be helpful only if you know where you are. A Business Process Review (BPR) is a great first step to realizing effective change within your organization. Through this process, Infinity helps companies understand how they really operate today, what are their roadblocks to improving profitability and where the company wants to be 1, 5 and even 10 years down the road.

Infinity offers a professional, unbiased assessment of selected business areas. We help our clients identify opportunities for improvement and assess the impact of major business changes, such as new business systems, mergers and shifting customer demands. The BPR's are tailored to your company's needs. Infinity can provide a comprehensive look at the processes from the shop floor to the administrative office see what is needed in a new ERP system, if one is needed at all. We can also take a focused look at a specific business are, such as inventory control and the impact bar coding could have.

ERP Selection

Implementing a new ERP system is a significant event for any company. Fortunately, when the correct system is selected and implemented properly, it is an event that occurs once every five to ten years for most. Unfortunately, this creates a situation where companies may really struggle because no one involved with the process has done it before.

Infinity can provide senior consultants that have experienced the selection process from both sides of the table. We can guide your team through the process, helping you define your critical needs while balancing the "Change for Change Sake" and "We've never done it that way" factions. We are very open about our software partnerships, but we are biased towards meeting each customer's specific needs, not a specific solution.

Project Management

One of the biggest impacts to the success of any change is how the project is managed. Infinity's Project Management services are cost effective solutions to limited internal resources. Most small to mid-sized companies do not have the luxury of full time project managers. Often, the internal resources that are selected to implement a change are still responsible for their full time duties. Our project managers able to focus on the administration of the project, providing provide the structure and guidance to meet the budget and timeline expectations.

Workflow Optimization

Today's companies are challenged with balancing responsiveness with efficiency. Workflow optimization puts in practice the adage of "Working smarter, not working harder". By eliminating wasteful aspects of business processes, your company is able to provide better results with fewer resources. Better results with fewer resources becomes improved profitability.

Infinity's business consultants look internally for opportunities to reduce the time employees spend on low-value, manual tasks that may have been obsoleted but not eliminated. Workflow improvements can also involve external interactions, both with customers and suppliers. Infinity can use workflow optimization to give your company a true competitive advantage.

Material Flow Analysis

Material Flow Analysis (MFA) investigates the movement of raw materials, WIP and finished goods through production and inventory control. Infinity's team of consultants include veterans from production management, inventory control, industrial engineering, quality control and operations management. We have improved efficiencies and eliminated bottlenecks involving delivery schedules, movement routes, and availability of material handling equipment. Our recommendations have led to reduced inventory costs, reduced production time and improved customer responsiveness.

Infinity will be glad to talk with you about potential solutions involving bar coding, RFID, Kanban, JIT and Lean Manufacturing.

Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is a journey and not a destination. The core focus of lean manufacturing is the elimination of efforts that do not create value for the customer. Not every company will apply lean concepts the same way, nor should they. If your company is interested in creating a lean environment or needs help taking your lean implementation to the next level, Infinity Business Consulting has lean manufacturing veterans that will be glad to meet with you.

Kanban Systems

From Japanese for "visual" and "card," kanban is a inventory control method that was developed by Toyota in the 1950ís. Kanban utilizes cards, bins or other physical triggers for work center production and the movement of materials, WIP and finished goods. Kanban systems create a "pull" philosophy of production management, where activity at each stage of manufacturing and supply is triggered by the needs of the next stage in the process. In contrast, traditional "push" production scheduling is heavily impacted by the quality of the sales forecast and often requires significant raw materials and finished goods to meet the actual customer demands.

Infinity can help your company investigate the impact a kanban system might have in your manufacturing environment. We can also talk about E-Kanban, the process of integrating kanban techniques with your ERP system.