About Us

About Us

Our Clients

Infinity Business Consulting serves a diverse client base, including manufacturers, distributors, service providers and residential complexes. We work on site and remotely throughout the United States and abroad to provide cost effective solutions tailored to our customers' needs.

Our Team

Our business process, application and IT consultants are from a wide range of professional backgrounds: Distribution, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Finance, Product Development, Supply Chain Management, and Engineering. Infinity Business Consulting is able to leverage this extensive knowledge base to provide correct solutions to our clients' business challenges.

Our Philosophy

Having worked as customer, vendor and third party consultant, we founded Infinity Business Consulting, Inc. to help businesses bridge the gap between their processes and their information systems. Our philosophy is to provide the right solution to the business challenges of each client. To develop the right solutions, we combine our three strengths: resources, partnerships and attitude. Our resources include a diverse team of professionals that understand how businesses work and the impact people, capital, information, equipment and time resources have to overall success. Our partnerships with companies providing exceptional products and services are leveraged to develop many of our cost effective solutions and they are the benchmarks for the other suppliers that Infinity Business Consulting works with. Our attitude is that long term relationships are more important that short term answers. Our recommendations and actions reflect our client's overall business objectives. We strive to make Infinity Business Consulting to be the one place our clients go first for their business challenges.

Michael Randolph